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About Us

Global Risk and Data Authority Ltd. brings you the GRADA Platform, a purpose-built software developed to facilitate global “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Know Your Customers’ Customer” (KYCC) compliance requirements.

The platform was created to address the ever-increasing complexities of Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) and global taxation initiatives such as the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Action (FATCA) and OECD Common Reporting Standards (CRS).

Our platform provides an easy, user friendly and cost effective on-line solution for the financial service provider dealing with compliance and regulatory initiatives.

Why Grada?


The world of Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, and Anti Tax Avoidance initiatives has become more complex with the growth and expansion of the financial services industry on a global scale. Analyze your key risks with the GRADA dashboards and reporting utilities.


GRADA provides a simple and intuitive platform that will assist in transferring the effort and expense of compliance to your underlying client.


Your clients upload their KYC data onto the GRADA portal where it is verified and validated. The platform integrates with third party confirmation service providers such as governments, which ensure the authenticity of the documentation provided.

How does it work?

GRADA has married technology with industry expertise to solve one of the biggest costs in the financial services industry today - Compliance. GRADA provides the ability to customize due diligence templates to your specifications, thereby making the collection process more efficient.

The platform compiles, authenticates and verifies KYC documentation. By automating the process of validation directly with governments and other sources as required, GRADA can save time and money.

Are You Ready To Experience a Modern Solution to Compliance?

Technology combined with expertise!

For Correspondent Banks

The GRADA Platform allows for transparency in the relationship with your respondent bank. This is acheived by applying your risk rating methodology in order to analyze underlying client metadata.


Customer Risk

Who are they?

The GRADA Platform verifies and validates individuals and entities.


Business Risk

What do they do?

GRADA provides a method to review and analyze the associated risks of underlying businesses.


Jurisdictional Risk

Where are they doing business?

GRADA confirms key jurisdictional properties such as place of birth/residence, country of incorporation, and place of business.


Transactional Risk

Where does the money flow?

GRADA allows for the analysis of respondent bank transaction patterns and volumes.

Enhance and secure your correspondent banking relationships

Provides transparency without risk

For Respondent Banks

The GRADA Platform provides verified data, allowing your compliance staff to focus on risk analysis instead of chasing paper.

Strengthen Your Correspondent Relationship

Improve transparency to your correspondent bank by allowing analysis of the non-identifying metadata of your clients through the GRADA Platform. This transparency is key to the correspondent-respondent relationship.

Make Your Compliance Department More Efficient

Many Compliance Officers are tasked with a manual process of collection, reviewing, and verifying clients. GRADA provides an automated solution to these steps, which in turn allows your compliance team to focus on the ever changing regulatory and legislative landscape.

Lower Your Costs

GRADA allows for the automation of the compliance process thus increasing the efficiencies and scalability of the program while satisfying your correspondent bank’s growing demand for compliance and regulatory accountability and accessibility.

Improve your risk analytics toolset

Efficient design, enhanced data visualizations

For Other Financial Companies

As Financial Service Providers such as fund administration firms, brokers, and insurance companies, adopt further global legislative requirements for compliance and anti-tax avoidance initiatives, it has become evident that the “tick the box” approach to due diligence is no longer financially feasible or time efficient.

Whether your firm is a fund administrator, a broker/dealer, an insurance manager, or a trust company, GRADA provides an “all in one solution” for client due diligence information, risk rating, and tracking by compiling, authenticating and delivering data in an easily readable overview. This process makes GRADA more than just a repository of documents, instead GRADA does the work and removes the authentication step of the process.

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